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Celebrating Excellence

U.S. Veterans Magazine's Veteran-Friendly List.

Celebrating Veteran-Friendly Companies and Schools

At U.S. Veterans Magazine, we believe diversity and inclusion are vital to success in the workplace for veterans. That’s why we’re proud to recognize and celebrate the Top Veteran-Friendly Companies and Schools, an annual list of those leading the way in promoting and creating inclusive work environments. Our lists feature companies from various industries committed to recruiting, retaining and promoting a veteran-friendly workforce and programs. These companies and schools are setting the standard for inclusion. View the 2023 list here! Participate in the 2024 surveys for consideration.


Discover Your Veteran Culture with Our Surveys

Take our carefully crafted surveys to accurately assess your organization’s commitment to being veteran-friendly.


Submit on Time to Be Considered for Veteran-Friendly Lists

Our submission deadlines guarantee that we exclusively review entries from prompt industry leaders who prioritize veteran-friendliness and inclusion.

Submission deadline for Top Veteran-Friendly Companies, Supplier Diversity Programs for Veterans and Veteran-Friendly Schools is Friday, May 2, 2025. (These 2024 surveys are closed).

Submission deadline for Top Veteran-Friendly Companies and Government & Law Enforcement Agencies is Friday, May 24, 2024.


Promote Veteran-Friendly Environments and Earn Recognition

Our team will provide you with access to the award assets to display your dedication to veterans.

Embrace the Path to Veteran-Friendly Inclusion Today!

Participate in the surveys and earn recognition for your dedication to veteran-friendly equality.

Top Companies

Discover the pinnacle of workplace diversity and inclusion with U.S. Veterans Magazine’s Top Companies list. From Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses making a big impact, our Top Companies span across various industries and sectors.

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Top Colleges & Universities

Experience U.S. Veteran Magazine’s Top Colleges & Universities list, revealing the extraordinary institutions that prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities.

Top Government & Law Enforcement Agencies

Discover U.S. Veteran Magazine’s Top Government & Law Enforcement Agencies list and witness the exceptional organizations shaping a more inclusive society, enforcing equality, and safeguarding justice.

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Top Supplier Diversity Programs

Immerse yourself in the world of top-notch Supplier Diversity Programs showcased on U.S. Veteran Magazine’s Best of the Best list.

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