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Discover the talented writers behind U.S. Veteran Magazine’s insightful and thought-provoking content. Meet our diverse team of contributors, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to our publications. Join us in celebrating the voices that make U.S. Veterans Magazine a leading source of news and information for veterans.

Annie Nelson headshot

Annie Nelson

Founder of @AmericanSoldierNetwork, Recurring Columnist for US Veterans Magaizne

John Register headshot

John Register

Speaker, Veteran, Amputee, Silver Medalist

Kimberly Eversley Gladden headshot

Kimberly Eversley Gladden

Journalist and Life Coach

Larry Broughton headshot

Larry Broughton

Special Forces Veteran, Founder and CEO of Broughton Hotels, Author

Paul Peng headshot

Paul Peng

U.S. Army Veteran and Founder of Sentri Institute Inc.

Kellie Speed headshot

Kellie Speed

Freelance Writer and Editor

Tawanah Reeves headshot

Tawanah Reeves-Ligon

Freelance Writer and Editor

Sarah Mosqueda headshot

Sarah Mosqueda

Feature Writer

Rich Dolan headshot

Rich Dolan

Veteran, Journalist, Foreign Services Officer

Brady Rhoades headshot

Brady Rhoades

Journalist and News Editor

Josef Scarantino headshot

Josef Scarantino

Founder of Yawbyrd, Equity Advocate in Tech

Dr. Apollo Emeka headshot

Dr. Apollo Emeka

US Army Green Beret, CEO of Apollo Strategy

Donald Thompson headshot

Donald Thompson

CEO and Co-Founder of The Diversity Movement

Susan Au Allen headshot

Susan Au Allen

National President and CEO, US PAN Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation

Frank Zaccari headshot

Frank Zaccari

CEO of Life Altering Events, LLC

Patrick E. Alcorn headshot

Patrick E. Alcorn

Founder of TTG Transformations LLC; Veterans Business Outreach Director at the University of Texas Arlington

Stephanie Mosley headshot

Stephanie Mosley

Veteran, Writer, Franchise Owner of Marco’s Pizza

Brett Buchanan headshot

Brett Buchanan

U.S. Army Veteran and Owner of Allsup

Mikal Hayes headshot

Mikal Hayes

Facility Engineer with the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command

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G. Edwin Rush

U.S. Navy Reserves Veteran, Senior Counsel at Sanders Roberts LLP

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Brent Yeagy

CEO of Wabash

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Greg Munck

Author, Speaker, Pastor and Marine Veteran

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Cary Albert

Schlotzsky’s Franchise Owner, Veteran

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Brian Ellis

Army Combat Veteran and Veterans program facilitator at River Oaks Treatment Center

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