Working Wardrobes Event Wrap-Up

On Friday, March 11, Working Wardrobes a nonprofit in Orange County brought their VetNet program to Camp Pendleton. VetNet provides veterans with career readiness training, job search assistance, professional wardrobe and much more, including the Power UP for Success Event held on -base. The event brought together over 100 corporate and community volunteers and supporters in benefit of 106 marines and sailors who were within 6 months of transitioning out of the service. The marines and sailors enjoyed a comprehensive day of workshops and services on professional image, communication styles, career coaching and resume review, professional wardrobe selection and a career panel of military veterans all geared to help them successfully transition into civilian employment.

In attendance was Florent Groberg, 2016 Medal of Honor Recipient and Director of Veteran Outreach at The Boeing Company, who spoke to the service members and volunteers about his personal struggles with his transition out of the military and current success working at Boeing.

The Power UP event was made possible through the generous support of Boeing, Plaza Bank and Morgan Stanley, companies that contributed significant funding and a powerful volunteer force towards the success of the event.

2017 marked the fourth time Working Wardrobes has returned to Camp Pendleton for their Power UP event. For the first time ever, they will be returning in October for a women’s only event in partnership with the Career Services Office on-base. All services offered on this day are also available daily at the organization’s Career Center in Irvine, Calif. Since its inception in 2012, Working Wardrobes’ VetNet has helped bring the power of a paycheck to more than 2,000 veterans in Southern California.


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