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Air Force Academy Graduates: Free Career Placement Services for Transitioning and Former Air Force Officers

Orion is the nation’s largest military career placement firm. We find civilian careers for the top 15% of Junior Military Officers leaving Active Duty, as well as veterans who have already transitioned but are seeking a career change. We are proud of the high caliber opportunities we have available for graduates of our nation’s Service Academy graduates. Orion’s team of former Officer Recruiters will help you make the transition into the civilian workforce by matching your skills and career goals with opportunities within America’s finest companies.

Orion will work with you to build your resume, provide you with transition advice and assistance, prepare you for interviews, and arrange interviews for positions that are a match with your background, qualifications, and desires.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has supported military and veteran communities for nearly 140 years, including supporting World War I soldiers through the 1918 flu pandemic.

This year is no different, with the Red Cross providing a variety of programs to help veterans combat feelings of isolation during COVID-19:

• Virtual Resiliency workshops, including a COVID-specific course to manage stress during this trying time.
• Military and Veteran Caregiver Network (MVCN), a community focused on helping caregivers of injured military and veterans
o Since the onset of COVID-19, the MVCN’s online community has doubled in size from over to 3,000 to now over 6,000 participants.
• Due to COVID-19, our Hero Care workers are now remotely answering emergency calls 24/7 to assist separated military families and has seen an uptick in call volume due to COVID-19.

More information on these programs is available at

More from The American Red Cross:

Two free and easy-to-understand educational guides on veterans and small business finance to help those veterans who may be interested in starting or expanding their own businesses. These free resources highlight information on:

– The Cost of Starting a Business
– Requirements for Owning a Business
– Taking Advantage of Veterans Savings Plans
– Qualifying for Military Benefits

Best Trade Schools for Veterans

Check out this guide on best trade schools for veterans.
Click here to view

Bradley University: Tips and Resources for Veterans with PTSD

During their time serving our country, military personnel can encounter many kinds of traumatic events. Millions of veterans will carry that trauma with them, resulting in a condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

“Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it,” according to the Mayo Clinic. “Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.”

PTSD in veterans is a serious issue, but many former service members and their loved ones do not know how to identify the condition or seek treatment. Because PTSD affects mental health and can be hidden, it can be difficult for health practitioners and other individuals to gauge its severity. Additionally, PTSD in veterans is often misunderstood by the public to be a condition that only affects combat veterans or those who have encountered violence firsthand. And even those who understand PTSD in veterans and its potential long-lasting harms still may not know all of its wide-ranging symptoms.

Included here are tips, tools and resources that can help friends and families of veterans who may be suffering from PTSD. Ideas range from offering assistance to veterans after they have returned home from service, encouraging former service members to seek mental health treatment and simply having friendly conversations with veterans to see how they’re feeling.
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CBD Products to Help Veterans and Their Families – The Power of Hemp

Supports active pain recovery, assists in relief from daily stresses, helps maintain a sense of calm and focus, and promotes a healthy sleep cycle and overall homeostasis. Click the link for a list of products that are USDA Organic Certified & 3rd party tested.
For additional information, contact:

Changing Lanes

Caliber Collision understands that the transition from military service to civilian life can be challenging. That’s why we are devoted to giving back to those men and women who have already given so much to our country. Changing Lanes is a no cost employment program provided by Caliber Collision for military personnel transitioning to civilian life. Participants train for 18 weeks to become auto body and collision repair techs. Upon completion, graduates receive a job at one of the 1,100+ Caliber Collision locations, a mentor to continue their career path, and tools valued at $12,000.

Key Benefits:
-opportunity for career growth
-competitive pay plans
-company-paid training (I-CAR, ASE)
-paid time off and holidays
-first day coverage on medical/dental/vision insurance
-company matched 401(k)

For more information or to apply to this program, you can visit the Changing Lanes program page here:

Computer Training Schools

• Helps inform students about the various Computer & IT Degrees that are available to them.
• Informs them on the different careers they can purse for each subsequent degree. Examining the job role, possible salaries, etc.

You can check it out here:

Easterseals: Resources for Veterans and Their Families

At Easterseals, we understand the unique challenges veterans face as they transition from service to civilian life. We are proud to serve those who sacrificed so much to keep us safe. Knowing every veteran is different, we offer a variety of services for veterans and military families at many of our 67 affiliates nationwide.

What are the resources?

  • Employment Programs and Job Training: Our employment programs can help veterans find meaningful, skills-based work and a steady income that builds off of veterans’ military experience. We offer resume oversight, skills training and job search assistance. We also work with Freddie Mac to lend financial guidance toward home ownership.
  • Military and Veterans Caregiver Services: When military families transition to civilian life, their caregivers often take on new roles and need individualized support. We have a variety of resources, including educational webinars where we teach caregivers how to navigate mental illness, childcare, intimacy and various disabilities veterans may face. We also have respite and childcare, so families avoid caregiver burnout.
  • Health and Wellness Programs: After returning home, many veterans struggle both mentally and physically. To aid these individuals, Easterseals offers mental health counseling, center-based adult day services, in-home services and physical and occupational therapies.
  • Community Support: We understand that veterans also need support from other veterans, to know they are not alone and can thrive through shared experiences. Through Easterseals, veterans can access RallyPoint — the premiere digital platform for the military community to come together and build relationships with each other. From job tips to sharing stories and pictures, RallyPoint is the best way to connect digitally. Many Easterseals affiliates offer veterans support groups as well.
  • Advocacy: Beyond our direct services for veterans, our Washington, D.C.-based government relations team works to influence federal and state legislation affecting veterans and military families, actively engaging with Congressional staff to address issues impacting veterans and military families.

Who is eligible?

Easterseals serves people with disabilities, seniors, veterans and their families. Any veteran, regardless of age or whether or not they have a disability, is eligible for services through Easterseals.

How can you apply?

Easterseals has affiliates across the United States, offering a variety of services that veterans and military families can access.

Find your closest Easterseals location. Once you find your local Easterseals, simply call or email them directly to see how they are supporting veterans.

What can you expect after applying?

Your local affiliate will contact you to discuss your needs. Easterseals will be there with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have and to ensure the services you receive are appropriate.

Veterans and their families are an important part of the community served by Easterseals. We are committed to providing our nation’s veterans and their families with what they need to successfully transition to civilian life, and we’re grateful for their service and sacrifice. Should we not offer the services needed, we will provide a referral and introduction to another community-based organization for assistance.

Source: VAntage Point Blog (

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Announces Addition of DEXYCU® and YUTIQ® to Department of Veteran Affairs Federal Supply Schedule

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: EYPT), a specialty biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing innovative ophthalmic products, today announced that it has signed an interim agreement with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) for DEXYCU® and YUTIQ® to be included on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), providing U.S. veterans and other federal government agencies with access to both products.

The VA FSS contract will extend access to Eyepoint products to over nine million VA beneficiaries and others within the federal system. The final VA contract is expected to be executed in the next few months and have a five-year term.

“This new agreement with the VA further extends the commercial reach of DEXYCU and YUTIQ to patients suffering from ocular diseases in areas of high unmet medical need,” said Nancy Lurker, President and CEO of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals. “Our commercial launch efforts have yielded a positive reception with physicians and an increased product demand from ambulatory surgical centers for DEXYCU and uveitis specialists for YUTIQ. We are extremely proud that U.S. veterans and other federal employees will now be offered access to our innovative ophthalmic products, increasing patient access to an additional nine million beneficiaries.”

About EyePoint Pharmaceuticals
EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc., headquartered in Watertown, MA, is a specialty biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing innovative ophthalmic products in indications with high unmet medical need to help improve the lives of patients with serious eye disorders.

With the approval by the FDA on October 12, 2018 of the YUTIQ® three-year treatment of chronic non-infectious uveitis affecting the posterior segment of the eye, the Company has developed five of the six FDA-approved sustained-release treatments for eye diseases. The most common adverse reactions reported for YUTIQ were cataract development and increases in intraocular pressure. DEXYCU® was approved by the FDA on February 9, 2018. DEXYCU, administered as a single intraocular dose at the end of ocular surgery for the treatment of postoperative inflammation, is the first and only FDA-approved intraocular product with this indication.

To learn more about the Company, please visit and connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Five Resources for Returning to School

Many people who leave the military decide to take advantage of the GI Bill and other education benefits in their post-military careers by enrolling in a higher education degree or certificate program. It can sometimes be challenging to return to the civilian community after deployment, and adjusting to academic life can be stressful for all students, including veterans.

While this transition is often challenging, there are many exciting opportunities available to you. One is to go back to school to further your education. The five resources outlined in this article can help make the transition easier and can help provide the tools for academic success for the men and women who have bravely served our nation in the military.

#1: Tips From Student Veterans of America
Student Veterans of America’s Military to College Guide provides the following suggestions for those navigating the transition from deployment to student life:
✪ Start with a few courses to ease the transition.
✪ Reach out to other veterans on your campus to establish a network of people you can rely on, just as you did in your military life.
✪ Get to know your new help.
✪ When studying, take notes, take frequent breaks, and find a study partner.
✪ Take advantage of your school’s academic, tutoring and counseling services.
✪ Recognize your own signs of physical and psychological stress, and seek help if you are overwhelmed.
✪ Practice regular exercise and relaxation techniques to help reduce anxiety and improve concentration.
✪ Participate in student activities to break down barriers and become part of the campus community.
✪ Recognize that others may not agree with you or understand your military service. Agree to disagree, and respectfully decline to answer any questions that make you uncomfortable. The full Military to College Guide is available for free download online and contains information for all student veterans about topics such as—
• education, state and university resources
• scholarships
• employment assistance and services
• combat stress reference guide
• navigating VA and VA education benefits
Student Veterans of America (SVA) is a nonprofit coalition of student veterans groups at more than 265 college campuses across the United States that provide peer-to-peer networks for veterans attending those schools. SVA coordinates campus activities, provides information unique to veterans and facilitates the transition process to help support veteran success in higher education. Locate a chapter at your campus or a nearby campus on the SVA website (

#2: Educational and Vocational Counseling From the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
In addition to the resources available to students at many colleges, community colleges and universities, the VA provides free educational and vocational counseling services to transitioning service members who are—
✪ Within six months prior to being discharged from active duty;
✪ Within one year following discharge from active duty;
✪ Current beneficiaries or veterans and qualified dependents who are eligible for, and have entitlement to, educational assistance under chapters 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 1606 or 1607.
If you meet the eligibility criteria above, the services available to you include:
✪ Counseling to facilitate career decision-making for civilian or military occupations;
✪ Educational and vocational counseling to choose an appropriate civilian occupation and develop a training program;
✪ Academic and adjustment counseling to resolve barriers that impede success in training or employment.
Visit the VA’s GI Bill website to learn more and find out how you can apply for these free counseling services ( gibill).

#3: Vet Centers and VA Medical Centers
In addition to the VA’s educational and vocational counseling services, you can always contact your local Vet Center or a VA medical center for additional support during your return to school. Vet Centers provide readjustment counseling and outreach services at no cost to all veterans who served in any combat zone. And, the VA healthcare system includes healthcare facilities located across the country that range from small, local clinics to large medical centers.

#4: Academic Counseling From Veterans Upward Bound
Public and private colleges and universities in the United States and abroad have partnered with the VA to reduce tuition rates for student veterans. Visit the VA’s GI Bill website (www. to view participating Yellow Ribbon Program schools by state. It may have been several years since you were in school, and it is common to find your academic responsibilities challenging. To get support with your academic work, contact the Veterans Upward Bound Program near you ( Veterans Upward Bound is a free Department of Education program designed to help eligible veterans enter and succeed in their post-secondary education. The resources offered by the program are designed to help identify learning needs and to help veterans succeed in school.

#5: Support From the DCoE Outreach Center
The Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) offer an outreach center to provide information and resources to service members, veterans, family members, healthcare providers, caregivers, employers and others in the community with questions about psychological health issues and traumatic brain injury. If you have questions about which tools for supporting your reintegration or education are right for you, a trained health resource consultant is ready to talk, listen and provide free, confidential guidance 24/7.
✪ Call 866-966-1020 (toll free);
✪ Log on to Real Warriors Live Chat (;
✪ E-mail

Source: Real Warriors,

Free Resume Guide for Veterans

Switching careers takes courage. And veterans know a thing or two about courage. But when military personnel finish serving their country and look to re-enter civilian life, they need more than just strong nerves to make the transition to a new career. Finding a job demands practical strategies.

Check out the resume sample and guide at:

Giving Veterans Our Largest Discount Ever

There is no greater honor than serving your country. However, as a veteran, adjusting to everyday life can be tough sometimes without an emotional support system to help you through the tough times. Emotional support animals are companions that bring you lots of happiness, fun and a reason to take long walks and meet other people. Your pet dog or cat is an important part of your emotional support system and with an Emotional Support Animal letter, you can live and travel anywhere with your pet without restrictions. offers convenient and flexible ESA plans for ex-military men and veterans at an affordable cost and even same day order processing if it’s an emergency. We will provide you with a confidential mental health evaluation and help you process your Housing ESA letter, multi-airline ESA letter and an Identification Card. We also provide you with access to a 24/7 ESAnimals database that you can use whenever you need to.

Get all the comfort and relief you need from your pet today whether at home or when you travel by getting an ESA letter today. As part of our commitment to veterans and ex-military personnel who have fought hard for our nation’s freedom. Call us on 877-955-8555 or click here to get started.

Help for Visually Impaired Users

A comprehensive summary of practical internet accessibility tips for vision-impaired users – covering things like using text-to-speech, changing text size and more.
Visit for details and more information.

Heroes San Diego

Heroes San Diego is San Diego’s #1 Resource and Savings Program helping heroes buy and sell homes using their deserved benefits. We are Nationwide and provide educational seminars, webinars, and rebates for Heroes. Heroes are Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMT, Military (Active, Retired, Reserve & Veterans)

Interview Essentials: Key Resources For Active Duty Military and Veterans Preparing to Interview

Are you preparing to interview and not sure where to begin? Listen to our recommended podcasts and watch the videos below to kickstart your career search and interview with confidence and success. Interviewing Essentials

K9s For Warriors – Because Together We Stand

The following is an excerpt from a blog on written by Scott Smith.

James Rutland is a 12-year Army veteran who served a tour of duty in Iraq in 2004, followed by two more tours in South Korea. He left the military in 2014, suffering from multiple medical conditions related to his service, including mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), sleep apnea, and hearing loss, to name a few.

Most importantly, he suffered from depression and often thought about suicide. Thinking he could do it alone, Rutland tried healing from the trauma on his own. That wasn’t working. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got,” says Rutland.

In 2016, Rutland finally rounded the bend of recovery when he was paired with his service dog, Dunkin. “I started focusing on “we instead of “me”, says Rutland.

He has a semi-colon tattoo on his right wrist, a known symbol of taking a pause when thinking about suicide. Unlike a “period” which ends a sentence, the semicolon creates a pause, for the reader, then continues the story. Rutland wears it proudly. “It’s a great conversation starter,” Rutland says.

He goes on to explain that breathing, family, friends, and the program that gave him Dunkin are what keeps him going.

K9s For Warriors is a BBB accredited charity organization located in Ponte Vedra, Florida, that has been pairing rescue dogs with traumatized soldiers since 2011. The dogs are trained to be service dogs, specifically performing tasks to quiet the symptoms of war trauma disabilities in soldiers.

“The skillsets our dogs learn help these warriors with anxiety, isolation, depression, and nightmares,” says Shari Duval, the founder of K9s For Warriors. “So, the warriors can function again in public.”

Specifically, the dogs are trained to deal with symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), or military sexual trauma (MST), as a result of military service on or after 9/11.-

Duval started the program after watching her son Brett Simon suffer from PTSD after he returned from Iraq. Simon did two tours, developing PTSD during the first one. Watching her son suffer from the debilitating condition motivated Duval to research alternative treatments to the standard talk therapy and medication, neither of which worked for her son.

“On average, soldiers take 14 meds a day to treat PTSD, TBI, or MST,” says Duval. If treatment is not working, she says veterans are prescribed more and more drugs. “I even knew one soldier who was taking 44 meds per day.”

After two years of researching alternative PTSD treatments, Duval came upon a program that paired service dogs to alleviate their PTSD symptoms in veterans.

According to Simon, “Mom was the one that suggested I use a service dog to deal with my PTSD when nothing else worked.” Duval saw her son’s symptoms begin to improve. She then wanted to help other veterans do the same.

Thus, the K9s For Warrior program was born. With her son’s background in training dogs, including 13 years as a canine police officer, Duval convinced Simon to start the nonprofit together.

To date, the program has rescued more than 850 dogs and 440 military service members, with an astounding 99 percent program success rate.
Visit to read the rest of this story.

Magellan Health In Transition Program

The DoD’s inTransition program is a free, voluntary, and confidential program that supports service members and veterans with psychological health needs during times of transition, regardless of discharge status, time in service, or time since separation.
Connect with inTransition by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world.
Visit or call:
800-424-7877: Inside the U.S.
800-424-4685: Outside the U.S. toll-free
314-387-4700: Outside the U.S. collect

Military Discount Guide

An updated list of military deals and discounts available by state. This all-encompassing discount guide covers everything from tuition assistance to tech deals available to veterans today.
Visit for details and more information.

Military VA Loan

This service helps guide military personnel and veterans through the process of applying for VA loans.

New PTSD and Sleep Resource

This guide explains how PTSD can impact your sleep, the connection between sleep problems and this disorder, and gives helpful suggestions to help combat these problems.
Visit for more information.

New VA Home Loan without Lender Fees

Silverton Mortgage is proud to offer zero lender fees to eligible individuals on new applications for home financing using our VA loan programs. VA loans, backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, were designed to help service members, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners. Whether purchasing or refinancing, eligible borrowers who finance with a VA loan will see competitive rates, no down payment, and no private mortgage insurance. The program also offers a cash-out refinance option, allowing recipients to borrow against their home’s equity to pay off debt, fund education, or make home improvements.

By eliminating lender fees, Silverton Mortgage is aiming to make a good deal even better for those in the armed forces with an additional savings of up to $1,295 on new applications. Considering the amount of fees associated with the homeownership process, this is a significant cost that we’re happy alleviate for qualified veterans.

With over 18 million veterans in the United States, we appreciate the decision that they each made to serve this country and are honored to help them realize all the benefits available when financing their home. We look forward to helping eligible veterans through the VA Loan Programs. No lender fees is our way of saying thanks.

About Silverton Mortgage
Silverton Mortgage is a direct residential mortgage lender serving borrowers across the United States. Founded in 1998, Silverton offers a wide range of mortgage products including purchases, refinances, conventional, FHA, VA USDA, and Jumbo loans. As a direct lender, the entire loan process, from application to closing, is managed in-house. This way, loans close faster, and clients know what’s going on every step of the way. All loans are subject to credit approval.

PrimeWeld Guide

The guide includes advice on how to transfer skills learned in service to a new career, which skilled trades are in high demand and the average salaries of those careers, tips on transitioning back into civilian life, as well as trade school and training resources for veterans and their employers. Get the details at:

PTSD and Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for those with PTSD, as it not only helps them to feel more rested and alert during the day, but also provides a crucial time for their mind and body to process and heal from the traumas they have experienced. That’s why we worked with to create their guide, PTSD and Sleep.

The guide covers:

  • What PTSD is and how it impacts sleep
  • Common sleep disturbances associated with PTSD, such as insomnia or night terrors
  • Strategies for addressing PTSD-related sleep issues
  • How to improve sleep hygiene and create a safe sleeping environment
  • Tips for partners of people with PTSD

Scholarships for Service Members, Spouses and Dependents

Check out this list of scholarships which will provide opportunities for veterans, transitioning service members and their families. Click here to view

Start Your Recovery

Start Your Recovery is a groundbreaking website developed by bringing together experts in substance misuse treatment from leading nonprofit, academic, and government institutions. Through this important resource, individuals can hear stories from people with similar life experiences, discover the answers they need for recognizing and dealing with substance misuse, and locate support. You can learn more about us here.

The SCARS Project

Portland nonprofit, The SCARS Project, is pleased to present new opportunities for partnerships. The Drama Therapy play – turned film – has announced they are starting an advisory committee for individuals that are passionate about helping veterans and accepting interest from organizations to screen the current play and future film.

The SCARS Project is an organization that was founded on the principles of Drama Therapy to address post-traumatic stress in veterans. To date, they have published a book of veterans’ interviews compiled by Father Richard Berg, CSC, a longtime advocate of vulnerable populations in Portland, and a screenplay that has brought to life the stories captured in the book.

Their goal is to bring this project to a national audience because they believe that it will spark conversations about mental illness and trauma response. If you would like to learn more about The SCARS Project, check out their website, There you will find an introductory video about the project, more information about Father Berg and his work, and places to contact us to screen the play or film and suggest partnerships.

VA Disability Benefits

Collect the Disability Compensation You Deserve As a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces
Let Us Guide You:
Applying for VA disability benefits is often complex and confusing. This guide outlines the challenges eligible individuals may encounter during their application process. View the Veterans Guide at and the VA Disability Process at

Veteran Entrepreneur Resources

Thinking of starting your own business and becoming a certified Veteran-Owned Business (VOB) or certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB)? Click here for “how to” tips!

Veterans Financial Literacy Guides

“We take the financial literacy of veterans seriously, and have written a comprehensive guide on VA loans and veterans taxes to assist those who have served.”
VA Loan Guide:
Veterans Taxes Guide:


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