MBAs for the Future

Not everyone is born with the same advantages, but through education, networking, and experience you can reach the same heights. It is through the struggle to self-improve that we can change not just ourselves, but also the communities we come from.

QS’s mission is to help students from every background to have the opportunity to access the best universities around the world from New York to Tokyo. We believe that our future should belong to all people. To make that belief a reality, we must empower people to pursue education, so that they can become the next leaders of the world and industry.

Our QS MBA Fairs are attended by over 125,000 students per year, and change real lives every day. Our attendees can look forward to:

  • Meetings with Admissions and Alumni from top domestic business schools
  • Accessing $1.7 Million in exclusive MBA scholarships
  • Free GMAT seminars and prep opportunities
  • Expert panels focusing on topics such as Admissions, Diversity, and Industry
  • Networking with professionals and peers

When you look across America you see a nation made up of many people, a spectrum of diversity that shines bright. From the inception of the nation, people from a multitude of differing faiths, ethnicities, beliefs, experiences, and ideas have banded together to build a better nation. QS wants to build upon history and lay the path for a more inclusive future for all.

Pursue your personal growth and join QS the next time we visit a city near you. With the countless opportunities waiting for you at our events, the next step to change your life could be closer than you think!


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