23rd Annual JPL Small Business Supplier Fair

The Small Business Programs Office hosted the JPL 23rd Annual JPL Small Business Supplier Fair on the JPL Mall on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. This event is intended to showcase selected small business exhibitors’ core products and services, in addition to highlighting solutions small businesses can bring to meet the technical needs of the JPL community, and to broaden the Laboratory’s base of suppliers.

The Small Business Fair provided an excellent networking opportunity for suppliers to explore partnerships with fellow exhibitors, as well learn the process of doing business with JPL, NASA, and large prime contractors in attendance. The small business exhibitors were given the opportunity to greatly benefit from networking with the JPL Subcontractor Council members to gain insight into the Laboratory’s processes, form mentor-protégé relationships, and collaborate on the Laboratory’s requirements.

Small business exhibitors were also encouraged to interact during the event with NASA, non-profit foundations, large prime contractors, and connect with one another to establish business relationships. The Small Business Programs Office continues to strive for small businesses that can support the Laboratory’s technical efforts with innovation and new technologies.

JPL employees in attendance received the 2019 Exhibitor Capabilities Booklet that featured targeted capabilities for immediate needs and future requirements for JPL end-users. This booklet is posted on the Supplier Fair website at https://acquisition.jpl.nasa.gov/events/supplierfair2019/ and is available as a resource guide.To learn about how to do business with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and upcoming events you can visit the Small Business Programs Office website at acquisition.jpl.nasa.gov/business/.


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