Square Deal for Vets

Square Deal for Vets is a War Veterans organization. The goal is to channel and organize a new national movement of veterans and caregivers and provide them with a platform to engage in a wide array of political, media and advocacy activities on the local, state and national level in support of veteran’s needs and priorities. Square Deal for Vets will work with the President, Congress, stakeholders and the media to ensure that the “Square Deal” that they were promised in 2016 becomes a reality.

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Why are the younger Veterans avoiding the Veteran Service Organizations?

By: Les Davis, MA (Director of Military Affairs at International Education Corporation)

Before I researched why the post-Vietnam generation of Veterans were not joining Veteran Service Organizations (VSO), I asked myself, “Why wouldn’t veterans want to be around other veterans?” Truly, participating in a VSO provides a unique opportunity to serve our community with people from all walks of life, and also offers the opportunity to share the bond and comradery that melds us together as proud United States Veterans. Continue reading Why are the younger Veterans avoiding the Veteran Service Organizations?

Hand-Made Walking Sticks Offer The Perfect Personalized Way to Thank Those Who Put Others First

The holiday season may be officially over, but the time for giving back to America’s heroes never ends.

As a New Year begins and Americans remain divided after one of the most combative elections in United States history, it’s important not to forget the men and women who put their lives on the line for every American – regardless of their political party. Whether for a military veteran or a retired firefighter, Brazos Walking Sticks, a family owned and operated business in Texas, is crafting personalized walking sticks to honor their service.

Warren Owen, Director of Brazos Walking Sticks, explains why Brazos Walking Sticks is focused on creating hand-crafted walking sticks to policemen, firefighters and military veterans saying, “Brazos Walking Sticks are a unique and memorable gift for service men and women. They are useful for hiking and trekking on trails, and are beautifully crafted and customizable with service emblems.

In addition, difficulty walking and climbing stairs is the most common disability for disabled veterans. We are set on providing a piece of artwork that is a practical walking aide and a physical symbol of appreciation for their service for those who would benefit from a walking stick to aid in mobility.”

Walking sticks are unique and useful for veterans who enjoy hiking, but they can be a true lifesaver for those who have endured years of excruciating physical labor. Those who suffer from bad posture will also benefit from a walking stick as it forces a person to maintain an upright position while walking.

According to Warren Owen:

  • Brazos walking sticks are unique in that they are all individually crafted in Central Texas from the finest native and exotic woods.
  • All walking sticks can be laser engraved with the name of the recipient as well as their military branch or company number.
  • If you know a military vet or retired policeman or firefighter who enjoys hiking and the outdoors, or simply needs a walking stick or cane for mobility issues, there is truly no greater gift than a custom walking stick.

Source:  webinax.com


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