4th Annual NVBDC Federal Reserve Matchmaker


This year the Fourth Annual Federal Reserve NVBDC matchmaker event held in Detroit at the Federal Reserve Bank location, featured the POWER of Partnerships and Collaboration. The NVBDC Veteran business event included members from WBENC, MMSDC, APACC, VBOC and other resource partners in a show of cooperation and partnership.

The NVBDC and the Federal Reserve Bank’s Leadership are fully committed to the inclusion of diverse businesses on contracting opportunities as well as facilitating access and engagement opportunities with decision makers. Representatives from the various organizations highlighted the benefits of Certification and gave the Veterans tips on how to leverage their Certification to grow their business. “Our Veterans learned what steps are necessary for them to turn their certifications into a profitable tool to increase their business revenue”, said General Miller, NVBDC President.

The Keynote was delivered by James B. Flynn, Executive Director/Supplier Diversity Manager at JPMorgan Chase & Company. Flynn is focused on the firm’s supplier diversity initiatives, transformation and leading-edge category management practice to help grow internal capability/program growth leveraging his knowledge of the firm’s complex supply chain and deep experience with many spend categories at the bank. He has been a leading advocate for including NVBDC certified Veteran business owners in the spend of JPMorgan Chase.

THE POWER OF CERTIFICATION PANEL included representatives from various organizations highlighting the benefits of certification and offered tips on how to leverage certification to grow their business. Each organization offers certification and covered why they do NOT recommend that a corporation ever accept “self-certification”. There is a lot of concern over the SBA and other government departments claiming to do Certification. The panelist agreed that the Federal Government programs don’t go far enough and simply don’t meet Supplier Diversity program standards as Corporate America practices it.

For the Veterans that also do Federal contracting this point hit home. “They were not in favor of the government getting more involved in certification”, reported Keith King Founder & CEO NVBDC. King delivered NVBDC’s “Open Door” presentation a hard-hitting look at Supplier Diversity and who/what and why Supplier Diversity Managers value certification. It offered the Veterans a guide to success once they have gotten their foot in the Door and helped them to avoid getting it slammed in their face.

“We look forward to our Fifth Annual event and enhancing our partnerships with community organizations and diverse business enterprises, and sincerely hope that our relationship with the NVBDC proves to be a valuable resource to those we serve” said Mark Hands, Supplier Diversity Program Manager for the Federal Reserve.

“Our Supplier Diversity Program serves as a value generating partner to the business community by convening experts to transfer knowledge and provide you with the tools to better manage your business. Supplier Diversity aligns directly with the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate to foster a strong economy and maximize employment as diverse businesses help to support the economic base in the communities in which they do business”, concluded Hands.


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