2020 From Day One Seattle Wrap Up


Last month’s From Day One Conference held in Seattle curated a conversation on corporate values—introducing a platform of fireside chats, breakout sessions, and panels of insight in a cross between a forum for company culture discussion and an opportunity to network with like minded professionals in the setting of the Seattle Art Museum in downtown.

CEOs, head of HR’s, and diversity chiefs from the likes of Google, Expedia Group, T-Mobile, and more, joined for various panels covering bias in the workplace, the changes in office culture since the inception of the #MeToo Movement, how companies can work with their communities, and the prominent theme of the day talked about the core values of a workplace—posing questions on what to be aware of if an employee is struggling with mental health and tearing down systematic barriers of diversity and inclusion.

“Two parts of our mission are about embracing diversity and inclusion, and helping each other thrive,” says Kate Zimberg, vice president of Talent and Organizational Capability at Seattle tech company F5 Networks during From Day One’s Getting Bias Out of Our Systems panel, a conversation platform brought into all of From Day One’s conferences. “It’s about kindness and how we can help each other be successful.”

While ZillowGroup’s Vice President of Community and Culture Rebekah Bastien spoke during the Company In The Community panel on how the company is working with local housing connects to provide an easier way for low-income buyers to purchase a home “One of the more unique aspects of what we work on is using the skills that our employees have to really build on top of the products and making business decisions with what we call a socially inclusive methodology,” says Bastien.

“So really making sure that we’re able to serve every potential customer in the housing space, which has plenty of historical inequities in it,”

And the opening Fireside chat with Margaret O’Mara, author of The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America, provided thought on the future of Big Tech—showing a conference that’s thought-provoking and dynamic and a takeaway that showed how companies large and small can create betterment in their workspaces.

For more info on when From Day One Conference will be visiting your city, visit fromdayone.co .


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